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Earn With Us

Payout Commissions

We pay 20% commissions to all of our affiliates. The prices you see below are the starting prices but payouts can increase depending on the order size. 

Service Payout
Native Apps$140+
PWA Apps$100+
Full Web Design$100+
Website Remdeling$60+
DIY Remodeling Kits$35+
Acuity Booking Site Design$25+
Restaurant Menu Design$24+
Email Campaign Templates$18+
Ebook Cover Design$16+
Retractable Banner Design$15+
Logo Design$9+
Business Cards$8+
Content Posts$5+

Getting Started

In a few simple steps, here is how you can start getting paid from Bizdorks when you refer us to a friend.


Applying is easy and free, zero experience is needed and approval takes up to 24 hours.

Get Your Personal Link

Once you're approved, you will get a personal link sent to your email. This link is personal to you and is used to track the people you referred.

Download Marketing Material

We provide marketing material to make getting sales easier. You can download them here and we update our list on the 1st of every month.

Share and Get Paid

Post the marketing material we provide, a custom caption, with your personal link for people. When they click and purchase, you get paid.

Grab Your Marketing Material and Start Promoting.

Click the button below to download your marketing material. Don’t worry, it’s completely easy and free. 


In order to ensure you are paid for promoting, ALWAYS USE YOUR PERSONAL AFFILIATE LINK. Every affiliate is issued a personal link. 

If you lose your link, you can log into your Bizdorks account by Clicking Here.

Failure to use your link, will result in the referral not being recorded and you not getting paid. The affiliate link is your personal tracking code and it’s tracking people who click your link. Once a person clicks your link and orders anything within 90 days, you will be paid 20% of the total sale.